Good news for your lower jaw and for you personally

Edentulous mandible?

You have a toothless lower jaw?

Fixed but removable

The Sliwowski Overdenture System provides the completely toothless lower jaw with a fixed but removable dental prosthesis.

Bad prosthesis?

You have an ill-fitting dental prosthesis?

A thing of the past

With the Sliwowski Overdenture System, ill-fitting and loose dental prostheses are a thing of the past.

High costs

You fear the high costs of a extensive prosthetic treatment?

Typically around 3.500€

Depending on your requirements, the treatment will typically be around 3.500€.

Treatment period and surgical intervention

- You do not want to bear through numerous surgical interventions or a treatment that takes months to complete?

Only one session

The treatment is completed after just one session.
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We have good news for you.

Make yourself familiar with the unique Sliwowski Overdenture System today.
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